Who has ever heard of car seats expiring? Perhaps, you have not and even if you have, you probably don’t care.

In Nigeria where we reuse a lot of baby items or pass them down to friends or family member who may need them, it is very common to use one baby item for several years. After all, if it is not visibly spoilt then nothing do am.

Giving out car seats or reusing them may seem like a good idea but after reading this article, I bet you will rethink that.

So, to the main question, do car seats really expire? Yes, they do. The all-important item that keeps your bundle of joy safe as you navigate the terrible roads and crazy drivers we have in Nigeria comes with an expiration date. But why?

1. Changing industry standards

Reputable car seat manufacturers operate on the basis of certain rules, guidelines and best practices designed to keep your baby safe. Thus, they attach an expiration date to their products so as to upgrade it from time to time.

2. Wear and tear

Constant use is bound to catch up with any product, no matter how durable it is. Constantly buckling, your child gnawing on the straps or sun affecting the plastic, spilled liquid etc are ways that your car seat begins wearing down.

You may not visibly see it but these things affect the integrity of the car seat and put your infant at risk.

3. Manufacturer testing

When a car seat is manufactured, the producer has a time frame in mind for the duration of use. Thus, if you use the car seat beyond that time, it is only normal for the car seat to become more dangerous.

Usually, car seats expire after about 6-10 years so look up where the expiration dates are written on your car seat so you can truly keep your baby safe.

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