Mavins boss, Don Jazzy decided to weigh in on a matter that has been on the mouths of people for ages. Since time immemorial, entertainers have always been rated as unserious people. But Don Jazzy objects to that school of thought.

According to the Mavins boss, seriousness and unseriousness are not associated with any particular career, as even the most seemingly serious companies still find it really hard settling the salaries of their staff as at when due. Don Jazzy made reference to himself as an entertainer and the way he has been running his record label for the past seven years.

Don Jazzy revealed that since the inception of Mavins Record, no staff has ever been owed beyond the usual time when salaries are paid. He challenged companies that are considered serious to join him make such boast if they have the balls. No company has challenged him yet. So basically, Don Jazzy dissolved that popular opinion on IG, saying;

“No be say na mouth. I keep hearing that entertainers are not serious; blah blahblah. I can proudly say that I have over 35 staff and for 7 years of Mavin, I never owe salary. Not all your serious companies can say that sha.”

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