Breaking up with your guy is very hard. Do you know why? Because emotions have been involved. After all, you got together for a reason. The person you are breaking up with may feel hurt, rejected, sad and heartbroken.

So breakups are very hard to do, except if the feelings were cupboard feelings.

However hard it seems, it is possible to break up in the kindest way without really hurting the person’s feelings to a greater extent. Let us now discuss how breaking up in this way is possible.

First, you ought to understand that good intentions will only make you leave a relationship in the kindest manner. So have good intentions. Let your significant other know you really cherish him.

As you are about to proceed with your discussion, try as much as you can to be honest – telling him truthfully what attracted you to him in the first place. While being honest, don’t be atrocious.

And don’t point out where he has been always faulty, best possible to maintain a clear and just stand—being respectful—while explaining your reasons for wanting to move on with your life.

Your reasons must be presented in person. It is not advisable to break up over the phone. After all, you weren’t dating on the phone—you had probably met with each other severally, so why you should now break up over the phone? Girl, your reasons must be explained in person, please. Kindly explain your reasons for the breakup.

Breaking up in the kindest way, matters a lot.


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