Naira Marley has addressed his critics on Twitter who always hold the opinion that he is braindead and can’t possibly have anything substantial to offer except junk songs and dances like “Am I A Yahoo boy” and “Soapy”.

The singer, who has been very active on Twitter lately, could no longer put up with the endless bashes that keep coming his way.

The singer recently joined Twitter and quickly took a keen interest in tweeting his thoughts. But many Nigerian Twitter users have viewed his tweets as derogatory and dimwitted, referring to the singer as an Olodo.

But Naira Marley is not having that anymore. So, he fired a reply at his critics, putting it to them that he can’t possibly be a dumb fellow after spending 20 years of his life in the United Kingdom.

He said he’s lived and studied in England for 20 years and can’t possibly be a dimwit. He said this in a video clip he shared on the social media platform.

But not even his words have made his critics view him as any better, given the kinds of contents he keeps dishing out and the kinds of tweets he keeps gracing Twitter with. Hopefully, he’ll convince them otherwise with his next works.

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