It is sad to hear or witness the persistence of the xenophobic attack against Nigerians in South Africa. It is shameful to see some of our politicians ignoring the exploitation of these human weaknesses to gain political power, or concentrate more on what benefits their selfish interests.

It is also most depressing too to experience how most of our followers do not understand how far we have gone in protesting and calling government attention to the CHANGE they promised.

Two years ago i participated in a programme against xenophobia in South Africa. I have been invited to be the host of another one coming up this October. The big question is "What really can a comedian or celebrity do in the face of our present reality?" Sometime ago some of my colleagues and i were invited for questioning over a stage performance during Ay Live.

When my neighbour 2baba was the cynosure of government eye over a proposed protest, what did Nigerians do? Some even insulted him without knowing the true back story.

Yes we have the huge following that will get the attention of government or trigger actions to all these incessant occurrences, but do you really care about how the same following attracts us to be followed up afterwards? Tell me exactly what you expect from a comedian in a country where the crooners of 'Revolution' are humbly revolutionized in the face of their actions?

Truth be told, without the help of government we warmed ourselves into your hearts as struggling individuals who now have you as fans and lovers of our brands.

Instead of cursing us out on social media over not commenting on what is going on in South Africa, you can also warm yourself into our own hearts by educating us within the confines of the law on how to collectively fight against the menace in our society.

I will not preach or ask Nigerians to implore "an eye for and eye" syndrome in retaliation to what is happening in South Africa. I would rather preach PEACE. Let me use this opportunity to solicit cooperation between both nations.

It is very important for us to build blocks of shared peace, prosperity, and human rights for all. That i believe would be antidotes to the poison of xenophobia

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