Important!!! Tips to make your first Date a success (Don't miss out)

Your first date is the most important since it will be the first time of you both knowing each other well—and you want to impress her without coming too desperate or strong. What will help you on your first date and make her think that you are just the right person for her?

Don’t give the impression that you are cheap
This is one thing most ladies want—a cheap guy—so that they can play well and leave. Don’t play too low; help her understand that you deserve her respect. Never give the impression that you are such a cheap bro.

Immerse in the conversation with questions
Asking questions is very important as it creates a lasting impression that you are not only concerned about yourself, but rather, you really want to know him or her better. However, ask only questions that won’t provoke emotions.

Avoid telling lies
There is a high probability of telling a lie, even lies, on your first date. Doing this means you want to start your relationship with lies. Avoid this as it will help create trust in the relationship.

Be natural both in words and actions
While ladies are known to be babanla (president) when it comes to giving the impression to be what they are not, guys too have this spirit. Instead of being synthetic, so to speak, be completely natural.

Good conversations on your first date will make a good and lasting relationship. If you didn’t know this, please know now. Don’t sabotage your relationship before it starts!

How do you feel if your friend is the only person talking in a conversation in which both of you were supposed to be immersed? Of course, you feel sad, thinking that you are not important to him/her. Similarly, if you want her to feel loved and important, let her also do the talking.

Keep your hands to yourself
My dear, your first date is not the right time to touch her wherever you thought you could do that. It is totally wrong! To make the relationship last, your touch ought to be only natural and limited.

Don’t make her feel you are boring, bring the discussion to life. Yes, it is true that most guys are super shy, especially when discussing with a member of the opposite sex. Should that be on your first date? Not at all! Speak up when necessary; don’t allow your shyness to overcrowd your conversation.

Go for jokes
If you've got a good laugh, trust me, you can win the heart of a lady or a guy in no time. Talking about jokes, funny experiences helps bring the discussion more to life. This creates an intuition that you are very cool, a type of person that anyone would love to be with.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your first impression is more imperative than you think. I mean, it matters a lot than you think!!! So make it count!!!

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