So many a person have asked this question. They say that they always hear people say their husbands are their besties, and sometimes, you say someone says “I got married to my best friend.” It is possible to be your husband’s best friend and at the same time, a good partner.

How can you become his best friend and at the same time, a good partner? Being someone’s best friend is no easy task but you can. How?

Let us get into business.

Be honest with your partner
Friends are honest with each other. A true friend is one who can be trusted. A true friend is one who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Whether he realizes it or not, you’re being honest with your partner is a way of being his bestie.
Friends are willing to forgive
Whether you like it or not, you will offend your partner. Yes, you will offend each other. But never let this let your relationship down. Your relationship is more important than anything else. So be willing to forgive whenever he errs against you.

Express admiration
Sadly, people fail to admire their partners even in the private. But this spirit is very wrong. Aunty, please try as much as possible to cultivate this spirit and show your partner that you truly admire him.
Friends help each other
You are not only a partner but also a true friend. You ought to support him in any endeavor he undertakes. Wherever he needs support, please always be there for him.

Seek his advice
To be successful, you need the advice of someone you trust; and your partner is just that one. He is the first person in your life to seek advice.

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