A Nigerian DJ got it hot from a policeman for not having “Hangout App” installed on his phone. DJ Muse reported thus;

“A policeman stopped me yesterday around 6:30 pm at Ikeja. I stopped and he asked for my ID card which I showed him. He asked what I do for a living. I told him I'm a Dj. I showed him evidence to prove I'm a Dj. Now to the matter why I was punched. He told me to unlock my phone and show him my hangout app if I don't want him to harm me.” 
“I was like Sir; I don't have this application on my phone. He looked at me and smiled. he said: young man respect yourself and open the application now. I unlocked my phone and gave it to him to search for it if he thinks I’m lying. Before a twinkle of an eye, I received a HEAVY PUNCH on my face which affected my right eye.” 
“He searched my phone for like 10mins leaving me in a critical condition, I was speechless and couldn't do anything coz he was with a GUN and I don't want wahala. After going through my gallery, apps, text messages and couldn't find anything, he then walked up to me and said take your phone and leave here right now. 
Ordinary sorry was too heavy for him to say. I left without uttering anything. So we can't move freely anymore in this country?”

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