YBNL boss, Olamide came under fire after he took to his IG page to share a video of a certain lady in pant twerking to his new song. The lady had her body too exposed for the liking of many of the indigenous rapper’s fans. 

Consequently, they blasted him for promoting whoredom despite the fact that he is a celebrity and a role model to many Nigerian youths. More so, the lady in question is quite young and should not really be indulging such dirtiness all in the name of dancing or promoting a song. This singular act got people dragging the YBNL boss nonstop on IG.

Olamide has even been tagged as a promoter of porn, as many said that this particular incident would not be the first time he was doing such a thing. Certain fans directed their anger on the girl, condemning her for stooping so low to go unclad and dance for all to see, all in the name of promoting someone’s song. But it didn’t look like she even cared.

Olamide has not responded to any of the bashes yet. When Tekno drove naked girls around Lagos in a transparent truck and was blasted for it, he tendered an apology. Fans expect that Badoo would do same. Do you think he should?

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