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Ontario doctor suspended for 14 months for showing naked selfies to female patients


An Ontario discipline body has suspended a family doctor for 14 months for showing several female patients naked photos of himself.

Dr. Nigel Mark Phipps, who is a family physician in Georgetown, Ont., was found guilty of sexual abuse last year by a five-member discipline panel at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).

On Wednesday, the panel suspended Phipps from his practice for 14 months. However, Phipps will retain his license to practise.

According to the CPSO ruling, Phipps showed 11 female patients and three staff members photos of himself naked or semi-naked from his cellphone during clinical visits.

In one photo, Phipps’ penis is visible, in another picture his buttocks is visible, in a third one he’s naked from the groin up and a fourth photo shows him naked with a towel over his arm.

The panel also heard that Phipps, who has been practicing since 1985, was sexually aroused during visits with three patients. The doctor denied his actions constituted sexual abuse.

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