Mavin Records act, Rema, has met a young Ivorian girl who bears the same look like him. On first glance, what would come to mind is that the singer and the Ivorian girl are twins or at least blood-related siblings.

But the fact is that they do not know each other from Adam and have only just met. However, before their meeting, the girl in question had been longing to meet Rema in person after she noticed the striking resemblance between them. Her desire came to manifestation within the week, as she did not just meet Rema but took pictures with him.

There is a saying that every person has his/her prototype. That is to say that everyone on earth has a replica of him or her living somewhere on this planet. It appears like Rema just found his replica in the person of a young Ivorian girl who goes by the IG moniker, @kdkt. The pretty girl took over the internet after personally met the star singer.

Rema became more of a big deal after the ex-US president, Barrack Obama included his "Iron man" song in his favorite playlist a month ago. Since then, Rema has been riding a wave of fame and got to meet his “twin” in the process.

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