Yes, I know that there isn’t such a word as ‘lovelessness’ but it does not change the fact that we feel it sometimes.

You know that point in your relationship when the butterflies in your belly have stopped and your partner is beginning to get on your nerves so much that you are wondering what attracted you in the first place?
It is very easy at that point to believe that you are in a loveless relationship. After all, people that are in love should not fight so much.


Being in love does not mean that everything is perfect and rosy. I know you have heard that line before and probably even said it to someone else but do you really understand it?

Relationships are a lot like cars. When they break down, they have to exciting. Yet, some of us think that it is just about buying the car and driving it, never paying attention to what the car needs to keep working fine.
A relationship that works is defined by commitment and consistent effort to make it better. All the lovey-dovey feelings that you felt at first will disappear and leave you with nothing but a commitment to make it work.

Therefore, you must understand that the absence of butterflies in the belly does not mean that you have fallen out of love. Love is more than sentiment and exciting emotions. It is more about a choice to be committed, responsible and accountable to someone.

Whether you like it or not, the emotions will reduce to the barest minimum or even disappear altogether but what will make the relationship work is how you are committed to making it work. That is love. Don’t let anyone else deceive you.

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