The same way that men ask what women want is the same way women wonder what men want.

It is the natural order of things that both sexes want to please each other.

Therefore, if you have ever wondered what men want then today is your lucky day. I should add a disclaimer though because this is not a science; mainly just my opinion.
1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
It has been said before that men are attracted to what they see, while women are attracted to what they hear. In my experience, this is true. The first impression matters and if a woman is something to look at, then the man has begun the journey to falling in love.

2. Similar interests are a given
No one wants to be bogged down by someone who is not travelling along the same route as they are. Therefore, men will naturally gravitate towards women they believe they have common interests with. Common interest is the sure route to interesting conversations.

3. Being made to feel important
There are many ways you can make a man feel important and once you’re stroking his ego like that, you can melt him to a puddle. By asking his opinion on matters, allowing him to take the lead on some things, you win his heart.
4. Allowing him to solve problems
You are in a fix and you run to him for help? He’ll love you for it. Note that the damsel in distress routine should not be overdone as most guys will find it irritating.

5. Praise and compliments
They may not say it but guys like to hear nice things too. If you are not holding back in that area then, you have a potential lover on your hands.

6. Keep things interesting
Guys can easily grow bored. If you have a dynamic and engaging personality that keeps him on his toes, it’s a good thing.

7. Knowing yourself and maintain balance
A guarantee that a man will fall for you is that you are self-confident and clear on your life goals without being bitchy.

These 7 things are sure to get a man hooked on a woman.

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