Music executive, Ubi Franklin has shocked his fans with a confession he made recently which he managed to keep a secret for over two years. The Triple-MG boss revealed that he almost took his own life in the month of April 2017.

According to the music boss, he was so depressed that nothing about life made any sense to him anymore. Though he did not name the cause of his depression, he made known that it got him so weighed down that he thought of suicide as the only way out. Thankfully, he couldn’t bring himself to kill himself and is now sharing his story to inspire others.

Ubi Franklin urged those going through depression to hold on, as it is depression is just a phase of life that is bound to fade off with time. Ubi took photos of himself and was to kill himself afterward. However, he couldn’t pull through.

Sharing the said photo on IG, Ubi Franklin tagged it; “April 23rd, 2017 after this photoshoot, I wanted this to be the last pictures I will take in my life. On this day I was depressed out of my mind and wanted to take my life. Today I am grateful to God I didn’t. Whatever you are going through now, I promise you it’s a phase. Keep pushing. It will pass.”

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