A baby boy who weighed just 1lb 10oz when he was born 16 weeks premature has beaten all the odds to reach his first birthday - after doctors warned he was unlikely to survive.

Little Haris Mockbill had underdeveloped lungs when he was born at just 24 weeks on July 9 last year. His mother Ellie Barr, 28, had experienced heavy bleeding throughout her pregnancy.
She gave birth after one particularly heavy bout of bleeding, but the baby was unable to breathe properly had to be kept alive by a ventilator.

After two weeks, Ellie and dad Hassan Mockbill, 31, we're told to say their goodbyes to their little boy as his lungs filled with fluid.

But one last-ditch attempt to save him by doctors saw Haris given a course of steroids for eight days, which worked against all the odds. When he reached 13 weeks, Haris was able to leave intensive care and moved to a special care ward.

His parents celebrated by holding a graduation ceremony for him, but he was so small his gown had to be ordered from a teddy bear factory. However, Haris does still face more health battles. A bleed on the brain may leave him with a disability.

"It was hard to take but as long as he's still with us and not in pain, that's all that matters," said Ellie.
"He is a true inspiration and I am so proud of him."

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