Nigerian singer and self-acclaimed MAMA AFRICA, Yemi Alade has spoken on why she is confident that all through her music career, she will never collaborate with the self-acclaimed NUMBER ONE AFRICAN BAD GIRL, Tiwa Savage.

According to Yemi, there is a lot of troubles between herself and Tiwa Savage that has been brought about by those who are always in the habit of comparing both of them. In her opinion, collaborating with Tiwa Savage will only fuel more comparison instead of fostering musical joy and advancement. In a recent interview, Yemi Alade said;

“It is unfortunate that with the feeling and the troubles that people keep stirring in our way, it probably would never allow us to have a collaboration because you are not sure if the outcome will even be positive or will be overrun by all the negatives and all the fights. When we do music, we do music so that people can be happy.” 
“So now, if we do a song together, what are we fueling? What are we encouraging? That is the most important question. When I do collaborations, there’s an aim. So basically, what I think is that WHAT WILL BE WILL BE.”

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