Lies can be silly yet hurtful, trivial yet damaging. 8 out of 10 people lie, and this is one of the reasons why the world we live in is quite tricky and deceitful.

And what’s more, there are different types of liars and you probably make up a type yourself, since almost everyone on the face of the planet lies!

So there, check out these recognized varieties of liars and how to deal with them.

Compulsive liars
Compulsive liars either have the narcissistic personality disorder where everything is centered around and with their countless lies they paint themselves as heroes, they can also be habitual liars who lie their way out of every situation without batting an eyelid.

Pathological liars
They are also habitual liars who lie their way out of embarrassing situations however, what sets them apart from compulsive, habitual liars is that it is nearly impossible to detect that they’re lying.

Also, lying to them is like a defense mechanism and most of the time they have a history of abuse.

When dealing with pathological liars you might want to exercise a measure of self-restraint and less aggressiveness so you don’t bring back their abusive past.

Sociopathic liars
They are master manipulators who get whatever they want without caring who gets hurt in the process. They are sociopaths alright and that makes them a toxic recipe for your morals and wellbeing. These types of liars are best avoided.

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