Don’t let that jealousy crush you!
Everyone gets jealous, kids, teenagers, lovers, name them. However, what restores sanity to us all through the red haze of jealousy is our ability to control that jealousy before it consumes us totally.

When you’re in love with someone, it’s only natural that you get jealous over their relationship with others, even over trivial things that don’t matter like him saying a casual ‘hi’ to the waitress – who happens to be a hottie - at your favorite eatery, or perhaps when she hugs a guy or engage in a flirting conversation.

If you don’t want to end up single and miserable over that person, then you need to deal with that jealousy before it crushes you!

Check up on your insecurities
Next time you feel that wave of jealousy hit you over the head, examine what exactly is making you jealous and insecure.

Is it the fact that your man’s ex has all the endowments you’ve been spending hours sweating it out at the gym for? Or her male buddy knows too much about her than you do? Discover all these reasons, then, you can get to overcome them all.

Jealousy actually shows you care!
If you don’t feel at least a twinge of jealousy once in a while in your relationship with that person overcome then something is wrong somewhere, you’re either too secure to get jealous or you don’t like that person enough to care.

Use your brain rather than your emotions
Take a minute to catch your breath and think things through before someone gets hurt thanks to your troubled emotions getting the best of you. 

Taking heed to your animal instincts while jealous can end up being detrimental to you, and the persons involved, therefore, don’t lash out hanging on the wheels of your emotions but calmly get out of that haze and rethink your motives.

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