We’re living in the 21st century in all its glory, technological advancements, nuclear energy, modern ways, the standard of living and everything in between, and of course that big guy we are love so much; THE INTERNET.

Sure, we’re lucky living in this time and age where virtually everything is at our fingertips but really all these merry, easy stuff actually come with its attendant cons.

Everyone’s a judge
Thanks to social media platforms, everyone who can tweet a darn now thinks he’s a judge of the guy in his/her DM or timeline. People bitching and hating on each other, then, crowning themselves savage kings/queens.

Mobile devices: our new-found love
We spend hours and hard-earned money hooked up on the internet building relationships with strangers while we ignore friends and family.

Should we mention the number of relationships that have hit the rocks due to partners’ obsession over their Android devices or Smartphones? Or our little ones diminishing innocence due to the corrupting influence of things they see on air?

Do people still read paperbacks?
What in the world for? When they are EBooks all over to download on the Net and have an excuse to remain glued to your smartphone for countless hours.

Private life is a joke
You can hardly claim to have a private life now when you have tales of your everyday activities splattered all over your profile, your status, bio, photos, even intimate moments with your loved ones are out there for anyone who cares to see.

#chillingwithboo #breakfastinbedwithboo #livingmybestlife seriously?!


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