You would agree with me that to have a healthy relationship, there are many different principles to follow or apply.

Whether you are married or dating, you ought to understand that your participation has a lot of weight on your relationship. This means that you should never leave the responsibility to your partner alone; both of you must work to achieve a common goal—a healthy relationship. If you were asked about the pillars of a healthy relationship, what would come to your mind?
Let us discuss these pillars one after the other.

Open communication
Time without number, I keep addressing the issue of open communication. Communication is very important to have a healthy relationship. No relationship can work if the communication gap is closed. Take note of that.

Love must be reciprocated
How do you feel if you try to feel attached to someone but you find out that they don’t feel the same way towards you? This is more painful when your partner does this. Whether you like or not, you can’t have a healthy relationship if love is absent in the relationship.

Appreciation is also a cornerstone
Do you sometimes feel not worthy because no matter how hard you work, that person doesn’t appreciate even the little you do? This is terrible and annoying! No one feels good when they are not appreciated for what they do. However, the minute it is, appreciate what your partner does for you.

Prioritizing your partner
This is especially for our guys or men. You know well that women are weaker vessels. Try as much as you can to put her first, thinking of how what you are about to do will affect her.

Please, if there is a vacuum, try as much as you can to feel it before someone else will do that for you.

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