Guys aren’t all that macho after all.

At least they are vulnerable enough to have fears too, they’re human after all. Yeah, so what exactly are those fears they lose sleep over?
Yeah, you read that right! Guys worry endlessly over their bod too, we’re all vain after all. Ever wonder why your man is always taking those early-morning jogs and sweating it out at the gym? Nah, it’s not all about being healthy and blah blah blah, they never want to end up with a potbelly, that’s what’s up.

More on that physique sturv. But really there is little a guy can do about his diminutive height right? And why won’t they have sleepless nights over this when every ladies’ description of their ideal man starts off with, ‘tall…’.
Expressing their emotions
Bet we all understand the societal construct about men being all macho and stoic even while going through hell.

Guess what? We’ve managed to successfully make our guys scared of even letting out the tiniest sign of weakness because they don’t want to be tagged as weak! These people have blood running through their veins too, let’s cut them some slack.

Naivety in their relationship
Think every guy you meet has a long list of girls he’s laid? Nah, not all of ‘em. Some guys are as innocent as they come, living up to a girl’s romantic expectations is prolly one of their worst nightmares yet.


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