Rebound Relationship

You don’t want to be that naïve person in a relationship, someone who doesn’t know something’s up when her man or his woman say they just got out of a painful breakup and isn’t looking for anything serious.

He or She is either using you as his favorite booty call or worse a rebound thing to get back at his or her ex.

Figure out where your place in his or her heart is, and be on the lookout for signs that indicates you’re the rebound figure.

They just came out of a relationship
There's no one that is lacking in emotion to the extent that they don’t spend time to nurse the grief of their just ended relationship.

If it’s only been a couple of weeks or a month since they had a breakup and now you’re the next person, you need to exercise caution.

You’re all over their timeline
Sure, that’s sweet and you think He or She is telling you that they like you enough to show you off to cyber friends. Now, it might also be a ploy to get someone jealous, i.e. shove it in the face of their ex that they’ve moved on.

Talk about their ex

Once in a while, we do make reference to our past relationship, but not so much that the other partner feels we still have a thing for our ex. That moment your man or woman all about his ex, it might just mean he’s not over her yet.

His friends are surprised
If his friends get spellbound when you eventually meet them, it might not be your beauty that rendered them speechless but the fact that they never knew you existed or they’re shocked their friend is back in the dating zone already. Yeah definitely, there’s a rebound thing going on

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