Bulgaria vs England 

Marcus Rashford praised Bulgaria captain Ivelin Popov for standing up to home supporters in the aftermath of a number of racist incidents during England's Euro 2020 qualifying win in Bulgaria.

The Manchester United forward started and played 76 minutes in Englands 6-0 victory, one marred by racism from the home fans.

The match was temporarily stopped twice in the first half by the match referee following abuse from the stands with England 2-0 up at the time through goals from Rashford and Ross Barkley. It's tough to take🤬 #racism

Bulgarian fans were involved in the racist abuse and made it difficult for the Visitors to take this. UEFA needs to take charge on this and it's really Shameful. Despite this, Players kept their game SPOT ON.

A large group of fans wearing black hoodies with their faces covered were also pictured giving the middle finger and gesturing with Nazi salutes towards the pitch.

Gareth Southgate continued to voice his displeasure to the match official in the lead up to half-time when Bulgaria captain Popov went to the sidelines to speak with fans.

Rashford was quick to praise Popov's role in trying to prevent further situations, but the England forward also says that he still finds it hard to believe that racist incidents continue to mar matches in 2019.

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