The self-acclaimed “number one African bad girl,” Tiwa Savage has revealed that she is not just well-vested in the entertainment domain but equally well-vested in the Academia, as she has a total of five school degrees.

Before now, not many people would have believed that Tiwa Savage had attended such feat before delving into entertainment. Well, it is not exactly known whether she got the degrees before venturing into music or while already into music. That notwithstanding, Tiwa Savage has proven her worth in all ramifications and deserves some accolades.

Not long ago, the famous songstress advised women to be more valuable to men and not just have sex as their only offer to men who cross their paths. It is now obvious why she was bold enough to utter such words of advice, especially in a country like Nigeria where feminism has been deeply rooted. No doubt, Tiwa still believes in the old-time religion.

She took online to write this; “I have two degrees. I have a first degree in business and accounts. My second degree is in music. I studied jazz at Berklee College of music. I like to have fun, but there's a serious side to me as well.”

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