A South African lady caused a stir online after she boldly declared on Twitter that she will not have a peaceful death if she gets to the end of her life without watching Wizkid do a live a performance. Nigerian youths unleashed hell on her.

The die-hard fan of Wiz made clear her obsession with the starboy via her declaration. She took to Twitter to write;
“I will never die peacefully if I never see @wizkidayo perform live. I hope one day he does a Starboy Fest in South Africa.”
Many Nigerian youths, especially fans of Wizkid, unleashed hell on her, urging her to stay in her lane. Some even alleged that she has been sent to lure Wizkid to South Africa so they can unleash the xenophobia hell on him.

All these comments got the South African girl so shocked that she said; 
“So shocked at the comments. I am basically saying I love Wizkid and would love to see him perform live. Please go and direct your anger somewhere else. Did I start xenophobia? Am I not allowed to like Nigerian artistes? Please, I beg, get out of here with your negativity.”

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