Tyler Perry and His Wife

Hollywood stars came out in full force for the grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta which cost approximately $250m.

The red carpet buzz surrounded Perry's history-making as the first African American actor/director/writer/producer to own a studio outright with no partners or corporate backing.

A-list stars including Viola Davis, Ava DuVernay, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson, Tiffany Haddish and Stacey Abrams walked the carpet lined with walls adorned in roses and shared their admiration and support for Perry.

New Tyler Perry's Studio 

"Why did it take so long?" Goldberg wondered in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "Why was he the first to get it? Now he's the man who makes the decisions, chooses the movies, and he doesn't have to ask anybody for shit. 
 There's nothing better than that. He's never on his knees. He gets what he needs because he provided
Beyoncé and her Long Braided Hair at the grand opening 
Beyoncé also congratulated Tyler Perry, this was what she said; Happy Sunday. Congratulations to Tyler Perry on the opening of his studios.
I could feel our ancestors’ presence. Surrounded by my heroes, I watched Denzel, Queen Oprah, Spike, Whoopi, Sir Poitier, Will, Halle , Dame Cicely and our angels John Singleton and Diahann Carroll honored.  
The Armand de Brignac crashed against each soundstage as fireworks lit up the sky.  Generations of blood, sweat and tears, success, excellence and brilliance. It makes me so proud, so full,  I could not stop crying.  
Thank you my Virgo brother for so much love and passion put into every detail. My prayer today is that you will take it all in. You inspire me to dream even bigger.


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