In this article series, we will discuss, as the topic above shows, somebody's language signs that he really wants to ask you out. So in case you are a doubting Thomas, you will be able to tell if he really wants you to be his partner.

Let us get into business ASAP!
If you notice a guy touching you like no one else, it shows that he really wants to ask you out but feels ashamed to tell you immediately. This is one of the surefire signs of body language showing that he is into you.

Have you really noticed how he behaves towards his phone or even the world around him? When you are with this gentleman, he doesn’t bother to care about the world around him; his focus or concern is always fully on you. Girl, can you think of any guy who does this?

If that guy whom you doubt if he loves you stares at you from any distance, then be sure that he truly loves you. However hard he tries, he can’t keep his eyes off you; he must take a few seconds to stare at you.

Whenever you touch him, he is relaxed. If someone is interested in you, he welcomes any form of touching and feels comfortable. He feels absolutely comfortable if your leg touches his and if you try to touch his hand. To him, there is nothing wrong if you touch him romantically.

Babe, if you are with a guy and you are thinking if he the right man for you, pay more than your usual attention as you notice if both your frequency and that of his match.


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