MI and Vector 

This past Sunday marked the end of Africa’s biggest reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, and Africa’s best rapper, M.I featured as a performing act in the show. The punchline rapper took the stage and made mockery of his rival, Vector.

M.I had just dropped his diss track for Vector titled “The Viper” where he ultimately ended Vector’s career with his bars. The song quickly made it to the number one trending topic on Twitter.

The song was released on October 5th and became number one trending on the same day. Then the next day, M.I graced the BBNaija grand finale to perform.
M.I mentioned in his diss track that he wasn’t dissing Vector but was simply giving him tips on how to be a successful rapper.

But after listening to the track, everyone found it agreeable that Vector’s career had been brought to an ultimate end. 

As if that was not enough, M.I still took to Big Brother Naija stage to troll the hell out of Vector.

An animated snake was flashed on the transparent stage to represent Vector, while M.I performed on the stage, trading on the snake to indicate M.I’s supremacy over Vector in the rap game. Seriously, isn’t this the bane of Vector???

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