Self-acclaimed sex therapist, Jaruma has painted a picture of mothers-in-law as being the demons that foster divorce, further congratulating Davido’s wife-to-be, Chioma, over the fact that she does not have a mother-in-law.

It is well-known that Davido’s mom is dead. The singer has on several occasions mourned her death, wishing she was alive to see the exploits he has done. But Jaruma belongs to the school of thoughts that have it that the likes of OBO’s late mother are better off dead than alive, as they do nothing than to foster divorce in the marriages of their children.

Jaruma said that Chioma is very lucky she doesn’t have a mother-in-law who will make her life a living hell when she’s married to Davido. In other words, Chioma should be thankful that Davido’s mom is dead. Jaruma wrote;
“Mothers-in-law are the cause of divorce! Chioma does not have any mother-in-law making her life a living hell. Chioma is lucky!”
Her comment has come under huge criticism, as many opine that her statement is quite a dumb and insensitive one. Certain fans seem to think that Jaruma wouldn’t care less about that, as long as it affords her the attention she craves.

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