Movie: TERMINATOR DARK FATE... See our Review and Download!!!

Featuring the likes of Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a host of others, TERMINATOR returns back to your screen with more thrills and excitement than before.

In TERMINATOR DARK FATE , the machines send a Terminator, the Rev-9 (Luna), back in time to kill a young woman, Dani Ramos (Reyes), whose fate is connected to Sarah Connor and her son John's legacies, which made Dani a target.  
The Human Resistance sends an enhanced soldier, Grace (Davis), whose existence is also depending on Dani's survivals, back to protect her. 
Grace and Dani's only hope for survival against the Rev-9 depends on them joining forces with Sarah and a T-800 Terminator.

I can assure you that this is something fictional fans would really enjoy a lot. Let us take a look at the trailer.

The film stars Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger returning in their roles of Sarah Connor and the T-800 "Terminator", respectively, reuniting after 28 years.

The movie was filmed China and the USA and was released on the 23rd of October 2019.

JonesDozi rates 7/10

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