Until the end of time, the rivalry between Wizkid and Davido will always remain, as fans of both singers constantly refuse to agree with each other that both stars are talented and unique in their own different ways but very equal.

Wizkid’s fans are of the opinion that Davido does not measure up to Wizkid in terms of being talented. Having begun his music career from the slums, Wizkid worked so hard to climb up the musical ladder to the point where he is today. That notwithstanding, many music followers are of the opinion that he is a lazy artiste, though extremely talented.

Davido, on the other hand, came from a filthy rich family and has American citizenship. Life has always been rosy for the pop star, and even when he got into music, he didn’t have to go through stuff as Wizkid did. With the help of his father’s wealth, Davido climbed up the music ladder with the speed of light. But he’s considered untalented.

This has caused some sort of a debate between fans of both singers and even neutral bodies. Some say Wizkid is talented and lazy while Davido is hardworking but untalented. What’s your verdict on this from your point of view???

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