An arts genius who goes by the name Denomt Pinder has shown off his creative madness via an artwork of NaijaIpob rapper, Phyno which he made using only clothes, shoes, and towels. Not a single soul is unimpressed by the work of art.

When it comes to making art of Phyno, it surely won’t be an easy run for the artiste on the job. The rapper has lots of features from his neck up that needs to be well-paid attention to in order to draw it out flawlessly. Well, it wouldn’t still be an easy job getting the job right when paining on paper, not to mention when using mere clothes and shoes.

But Demont Pinder unleashed his genius when he grabbed a few clothes, shoes and towels and splashed it all over the floor, only for it to for a perfect representation of Phyno’s face (including his dread, beards, jewelry, and even his glasses). Phyno himself was awestruck by the creative work of art that he took to his IG to applaud the artist, saying;

“This nigga @demontpinder is a crazy man!!! He made this art with shoes, towels, and clothes; inspired by my album cover #DealWithIt.” Many fans have joined Phyno to applaud Demont Pinder for a genius job well done.

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