Nowadays the view on success is screwed up. Many think that all the material things and outer world are real success when in reality it's not true.

Usually it is about understanding yourself and what actually success means to you.

There can be a person that looks very successful - drives an expensive car, buys all the most expensive clothes, watches, lives in an awesome place but the person is unhappy and depressed, works in some fancy place.

While person who from the outside has far less - lives in a place the person enjoys to live, drives a car he/she wants, wears clothes that they like no matter how expensive and no matter what others think and does for a living what's fulfilling them, giving their life purpose - that's true success.

Doing things that make you happy and fulfilled not what the world is trying to tell what to do.

So don't let the world tell you what you should do to be successful but find it yourself, what you truly think will be an extraordinary life for you, not just because someone said that you have to have a Ferrari and wear designer clothes to be successful.

Jones D Asiegbu

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