After Wizkid’s raving tune, “Joro” was released, the quest to find out the meaning of the song’s title became a self-imposed assignment of many fans, as many were really out to find out what the meaning of “Joro” is.

However, no one could exactly come up with a meaning for the slang. After a while of fruitless quest to find a meaning for the slang, Wizkid finally spoke of it, making it clear that “Joro” has no particular meaning but is just a slang he invented.

He made this known while speaking in an interview session with Julie Adenuga of Beats1 FM.

Julie Adenuga quizzed Wizkid on the meaning of “Joro” and it was as though he had spoken the mind of fans. Replying to the question, Wizkid initially just explained that the song’s title is close to meaning nothing. 

But that answer was not satisfactory. So, he went on to say that it’s just a slang that is used to call the attention of a girl to come catch some fun.

The meaning of “Joro” is not quite what fans expected it would be. However, its meaning, as revealed by Wizkid, has been taken to heart and is already being used by Wizkid’s fans and other Nigerians.

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