While you may love your favorite action movie stars to the moon and back, indulging in the stunts they did in movies? That’s a no-no! Sure, there’s a handful of helpful tips and tricks you can make do with but other than that, you want to know your limits.

Here’s a list of movie myths capable of getting you killed right on the spot.

Raw fish is edible
That’s like a bowel disaster waiting to happen. What that movie won’t tell you is the potential harm in eating raw fish, meat or animal blood, since you’ll be exposed to bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the process, you might want to cook whatever seafood you’ve got before eating.

Boiled water is safe for consumption
You can boil contaminated water for hours still that doesn’t make it a healthy drink without filtering. While boiling water gets rid of germs and bacteria, it doesn’t make the water clean therefore, you might want to filter out the dirt too.

Making a fire in a cave is cozy
Don’t you just want to start a little fire in a cave, lay in a hammock and cozy up to a book, just like in the movies? It would interest you to know that the fire and high temperature will heat up the rocks which will lead to the rocks expanding and you might have a big piece of rock drop on your head anytime soon.


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