An unhealthy food craving for someone on a diet comes naturally like the sudden and uncontrollable food cravings pregnant women get.

While the types of food dieters crave vary, they share a common ground, which is sugar-laden foods and processed fats; this strong and uncontrollable urge to do junkies is probably one of the major reasons why people have issues sticking to a healthy diet and losing weight.

Fortunately, there are certain tips and tricks that are quite effective in suppressing junk food cravings.

Distance yourself from the craving
Seen the movie “Little” yet? Boss up like Regina Hall and kick away junk meals off your path! And if that doesn’t work, take a brisk walk away from all that sweet goodness; this should help distract your mind from your cravings.

Don’t go to the supermarket hungry
Never, ever to the mall hungry cause guess what? All the junks you’ve been hiding and shying away from is presented to you in platters. Do yourself some good by eating a nice meal before heading out to the market just so you reduce unwanted food cravings and impulsive buying.

Postpone your indulgence
Research on this subject reveals that delaying or posting your sweet tooth cravings till a later time actually works because, at the end of the day, you’re not likely to fulfill the promise of eating later, even when you do, you eat less thanks to the fact that the temptation to indulge yourself in that sugar-laden pastry will be less desirable later on.

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