3 Reasons for a late period that don’t mean you’re pregnant

Pregnancy Result

Okay, hold up a sec! Just because Aunt Flow hasn’t knocked on your vajayjay city this month doesn’t mean you’re with child already! I get it, a late period might get you all worried about being pregnant especially when you’ve been a naughty-naughty girl recently but before heading getting over-the-top excited, check out some peculiar reasons that could make your periods come around a little bit late.

Well, that’s one major factor you have to contend with alright. Stress in any way be it emotional or physical stress, can get your hypothalamus acting up and this throws your menstrual cycle off balance.

Fluctuating weight
Studies have revealed that being underweight creates an environment that is not-so pregnant friendly therefore on that note, excessive weight loss will definitely get your periods coming late or holding out for longer spells more than sudden weight gain would.

Birth control pills
The thing about birth control pills is that they end up tripping the lining of your uterus especially when you take them on a regular. If you’ve been junking on these birth control pills for a while now, then don’t be surprised if your monthly flow comes a little bit late than normal and that’s all because contraceptives delay the amount of time between periods. So take a chill pill already lady, if you fall into this category, you’re not pregnant. Yet.

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