One-Sided love is probably the most miserable thing that can happen to someone. But, you don’t have to suffer having your love thrown in your face when you can get over the pain and misery by ditching your unrequited love following these steps.

1 Accept the fact that the person doesn’t love you
The first step towards getting the love you deserve is coming to terms with the fact that that person you love doesn’t love you back. Accepting this fact might hurt but it’s a step towards the right direction.

2 Get busy
Sometimes out of sight isn’t out of mind and even when you get a change of environment just so you don’t run into that person, your heart still longs for him. On that note, what you need is some sort of distraction to get your mind off it.

3 This too shall pass
Tell this to yourself every time you feel that longing in your bones, know that this is a phase you’ll surely get over and set to channeling all the love you feel insides of you at yourself in the meantime.

4 Leave the dream behind
Don’t pine over that person thinking eventually he’ll come to love you; true love happens naturally and you might not be able to reinforce it. Therefore, for the sake of your sanity, ditch your hopes of winning him over already and accept that love failures are part of living too.

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