What if I told you you’ve been washing your hair or taking your bath the wrong way all your life?

While we may think we’ve gotten the hang of the everyday actions we carry out, there are certain things we do without necessarily paying mind to, this, in turn, reduces the effectiveness of such actions; for instance, wearing your backpack on your back while in a public bus, or dropping a fat blob of toothpaste on your toothbrush rather than a little drop. And that’s not all.

Long minutes in the shower
The recommended shower time is 10 minutes, spending more than 10-15 minutes in the shower dries out your skin especially when you bath with hot water.

Toilet paper
When you’re fixing tissue paper in your toilet, ensure the tear-off end is not facing the wall or leaning against it. This ensures your hands don’t come in contact with the walls which may carry harmful germs and bacteria.

Tight bra
Don’t discard that tight bra just yet or live with the tight grip on your chest all day when you can as well fix it quick and easy. What you need is a bra extender to increase the band size, and there you go!

Steering wheel grip
Place your hands on the centerline, it’s not just the best way of holding the steering wheel but the safest too since your grip does not stay in the way of the airbags.

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