While fashion trends go on a spin each year, the fact still remains that style never goes out of fashion and people, ladies especially will always judge you based on appearances. Therefore, while you might not be abreast of what’s trending in the fashion world, you sure want to avoid common clothing mistakes men make.

Not wearing socks
It seems guys out there have caught on with the 21st century ‘barefoot’ look, as chic as this looks on you, one important detail to note is that your legs sweat all through the day, therefore, going sockless might be bad news for your shoes.

Jacket buttons
A good number of “fashionable guys” still make the mistake of buttoning the wrong buttons on their jacket. According to jacket buttoning rules, 1-button jackets should be buttoned up while sitting and left unbuttoned while standing, for 2-button jackets, only fasten the upper button, with a 3-button jacket, button the second button and upper one depending on what suits your fancy.

You leave formal shirts untucked
Probably because you think flying your shirts over jeans would make you look stylish; don’t be deluded. Formal shirts should be worn with suit pants not blue jean and they should not be worn untucked.

You overdo it with accessories
Take it easy on the bling sometimes, choose a couple of statement pieces instead and use it to compliment your outfits.

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