Relationship Goals

Dating someone with kids can be very challenging. You will definitely face challenges, even challenges that are more overwhelming than dating someone who doesn’t.

But to make things easier, there are things you need to know and inculcate into your daily routine that can help you deal with the ordeal. Let’s get to know these things right.

1. Your Date has little or no money to cater to you
This is one thing you need to understand because he has many responsibilities in caring for the kids.

2. You should be willing to play the role of a Mother or Father
In most cases, you will be expected to play the role of motherhood for the children. It is even helpful because it prepares you for your own. Just that it will take a lot of time to bond and blend with the kids.

3. You ought to like the kids
The truth of the matter is that, whether you like it or not, you are expected to love the kids. The reason is that you can’t really find your way into his or her  heart if you hate his kids.

Even if they don’t love you, they will appreciate and appreciate you if you show them love and compassion. 

4. At times, he or she may be emotionally distant
Because of the emotional scars inflicted on him through the divorce, it wouldn’t be easy for him to heal just once; it takes more time. 

Emotionally scars don’t just go, some take months—even years—to evaporate. So don’t get annoyed if he, most times, doesn’t meet your emotional needs.

5. Willingness to do what your Date asks shows you love the family
At times, it will be difficult for your date to pick the children after the school’s activities. And this will mean that you will be the very next person to call on to do this task. You should be willing to do with your whole heart. 

6. You will always come second
whether you like it or not, a person with kids cherishes the kids more than the relationship he or she is into with you. Therefore, the kids will be the primary responsibilities before you. 

This means that when you have planned for anything with your date, possibly an outing, and suddenly their attention is needed at children’s school, don’t be surprised and annoyed if you get turned down.

7. Your impression matters to the kids
If your date feels it is the right time to take you home and introduce you to the kids, then be ready to impress them. 

This is like an exam; and for it to be passed, your impressions matter a lot. If you had not been making good impressions, now is the right time to ask people who know how to do it better and learn from them. 

8. Never try to replace the position of their mother or dad
For psychological reasons,you are advised never to replace their mom’s position. They will never allow this and don’t be surprised if they act in a manner you do not expect. 


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