Adekunle Gold

Singer Adekunle Gold has spoken on the very first time he every asked a girl out at the age of 15.

In a recent interview, Adekunle Gold who is now married to Nigerian singing sensation, Simi talks about his first love letter written at the age of 15 to ask a girl out.

Recalling the moment, Adekunle says he was so stupid at the age of 15 when he asked the girl out. He also revealed how he wrote her a love letter with heart shape drawn on it and then spraying perfume on it to wow her.

First time i asked someone out was at 15, i was so stupid. I wrote a letter and then oh my gosh… (laughs)

So i wrote a letter and i put perfume on it

i drew so many heart shapes on the letter, just so at least when she opens it the thing would just wow her.

Nah, epic fail.

Days ago his wife Simi for the first time since their marriage, shares details on how she met her husband Adekunle Gold, their relationship, private engagement and wedding.

Deciding to go public with these details, Simi grants an interview with Ndani TV where she revealed that she met Adekunle Gold on Facebook.

She also said that their first meeting was at a show she headlined in Lagos.

According to Simi, she never knew that her husband was a singer during their first meeting, but as ‘King of Photoshop’. They went on to become friends, dated and eventually got married.

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