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Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze made an attempt at schooling sensational gospel singer, Frank Edward about God and Satan. According to Daddy Freeze, Satan has never killed anyone. Rather, it is God that does all the killing.

It all started after the young gospel act took to his IG page to celebrate God for saving his dear mother from the hands of the devil. 24 hours before Frank Edwards made the post on IG, his mother had suffered some sort of affliction which was not human-related. Knowing fully well the source of the affliction, Frank Edwards made mention of it to his fans.

He stated that the devil tried to kill his mom but failed. In his words; “Praise the Lord with me, fam. I was worshiping God all through yesterday. I didn’t know I was fighting a battle. Don’t joke with worship fam. So the devil tried to kill my mom yesterday. I was told this afternoon and I was laughing. Devil, e be like say you no know this woman.”
But Daddy Freeze stopped by to counter him, saying the devil has never killed anyone. Rather it is God that does all the killing and is responsible for the deaths of over two million people. This has stirred mixed reactions from many.

The scriptures tell us why.... ◄ Hosea 4:6 ► New Living Translation My people are being destroyed because they don’t know me. - The new living translation (a more accurate translation of the ‘Bible’ that the FreeNation in Christ endorses), attributes destruction to ‘not knowing God’, while other translations suggest the ‘lack of knowledge’. Regardless, both are consistent with the meaning of what is being communicated. - Earlier, I said Satan NEVER killed anyone in the Bible, well there are 10 people the scriptures tell us were killed by Satan; Job’s 7 sons and 3 daughters but this doesn’t really count in my opinion, because Satan was minding his business when God told him to go and afflict Job (Scripture reference below). - Scripturally, God killed about 2 million people, not counting the flood. -

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