Go argue with your "faith without work" is dead.

Some months back I posted that faith without works is dead. One of my guys, a very strong CHRISTIAN, replied that I should stop teaching people to ignore prayer. He told me in very stern words that prayer is the master key to everything.

You know this God that we serve, does work and teach people, in very mysterious ways.

So, I was jejely minding my business, at work at an event in Eko Hotels, when I got a message that he wanted to see me, desperately.

"Let's meet tomorrow, I dey work." Nooooo. He must see me now. Okay. Come over.

Rent was due. Wife pregnant and he has been out of work for nearly 7 months. Schools just resumed after midterm and the Head teacher says, if the children don't pay, there will be no school bus pick up and drop off.

If you know me, I don't let moments and opportunity to teach pass. I said, let's pray about it. "BROS, LEAVE PRAYER. I NEED HELP".

I reminded him of his comments sometime back, and he came up with some mumbled reply. Anyway, we thank God that he is ok.

Prayer is the key, but if you are not working, then you are planning on breaking and entry.

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