How to develop Self Mastery Today - Jones D. Asiegbu

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Self Mastery 

In today's world, we face diverse challenges, some of which are results of our choices and actions and others result from unexpected circumstances.

There are various proven ways how we can change the outcome of our choices, but we the King of them all is SELF MASTERY. I know you must have heard a lot of things about SELF MASTERY, but have you actually found a way to apply it in your live? Some people refer to SELF MASTERY as Self control... 

Yes they are related in a way, but SELF MASTERY goes beyond control, it is knowing what works for you and what doesn't, it is having a growth mindset, it is doing all you can to make sure that you're where you aim to be. It is SELF DISCIPLINE!!!.

The most difficult prison you can ever find your self in is your mindset!!! So decided today to have a Growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. 

A growth mindset is associated with a desire to improve, a desire to learn things that are positive, a desire to take corrections and criticism as a strategy of self improvement. 

Self Mastery begins with a strong desire to change. Make sure you aren't compelled to change because when you are, nothing happens.

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