Ending a relationship without quarrels and problems has become a topic of so many people today than ever.

Are you in a similar situation? You have been addicted to the person, just like when an individual is addicted to smoking because you love him. That is why most people find it difficult to leave a relationship without hurting the other person.

But don’t you think it is possible to leave a relationship without hurting the other person? Let us discuss it!

Make sure that both of you are ready
One person can’t be while the other is not. For a breakup to work perfectly, you must ensure that your partner is aware of and ready for it.

Choose the appropriate time
The Bible says that there is time for everything under the sun. Therefore, don’t; yes, don’t talk about your breakup when the time is not right. Take time to examine closely when it will be right to discuss such a matter with him. Remember, the right time is always the best time.

Let the discussion be in person
You probably agreed to be in a relationship with him in person or possibly, you did that over the phone. But as for something like this, relationship experts and psychologists have advised that you do it in person.

Stop the blames
You are advised never to throw blames and accusations on the other person. Whatever reason you have for leaving, never adduce it too much to what the other person did wrong.

Don’t allow anyone to do the task for you
When you both met, he didn’t meet someone and then you. He spoke to you and you both agreed to start a relationship. So when ending the relationship, don’t give your friend, no matter how close they may be to you, to do the work of telling your partner that the relationship is over. This act is cowardly and disrespectful.

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