Toke Makinwa Fashion Week

Today on Toke Makinwa sharing her hilarious and sometimes hard truth, she is wishing she had a man to Facetime and even show cleavages to.

The multi-talented media personality while sharing a very long series of videos via her Instagram stories talked about having peace of mind. For her, with peace of mind, every other thing would fall in place.

Just when we thought she was done and going to take off her makeup (A struggle she complained about) she said she wished she had a man to Facetime and show him her cleavages.

Sometimes, I miss not being with anybody. Now, the way I’m disturbing you guys… If I had a man now at least I’ll FaceTime him and show him some cleavage… Like, ‘Hey Babe.

What’s up? What are you doing? Do you want to come around?’ Now that I don’t have, I’m going to disturb you guys. You people are going to listen to all my rants,

Fashion Week

She said.
If you follow Toke Makinwa closely on social media, you’d know that she is one hopeless romantic who has never shied away from wanting to be in a relationship or finding true love. Recall earlier in the year when wished to fall deeply in love. 
The media personality made this known via her Instagram page on Monday, February 4, 2019. In her post, she prayed not just to fall in love but achieve other set goals. 
I want to fall sooooooo deeply in love, make lots and lots and lots of money, travel the world, discover new places and see the world, have some Bambinos, serve God and glow till eternity. 
She always quick to say the kind of things she desires in life and kind of find it really genuine and cool.

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