Cardi B Grammy award

Cardi B has released songs like " Please Me" and " Press" this year, so there's no shortage of new music – this isn't even counting her guest features on songs with 21 Savage, French Montana, and others – to appease hungry fans awaiting the release of her sophomore album.

But Cardi's anxious to make sure her fans see just how hard she's working so, graciously, she's dropped off a minute-long freestyle on Instagram that's just a taste of what to expect when she completes the project.

In the video that's pretty straight to the point, Cardi stands in what looks like a kitchen with a fierce look on her face, practically about to burst with pent-up bars.

She hops in immediately with prickly rhymes that go at her haters, with a particularly searing quoatable set of lines being: "You ain't open up no business/Got no business/I be up in a mansion/You be in my mentions." 

It's not all a giant middle finger to her enemies though. Cardi opens up briefly about how lonely the rise to the top has been. "I came right out the trenches/To the top of the charts/Lost some friends on the way/This shit is breaking my heart," she spits boldly. 

She ends the rhyme by telling fans, flat out, that this video is "a little something until I finish up the album."


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