Zlatan Ibile served his fans some motivation earlier today after he took online to share a touching story of how he managed to secure his first car at the age of 19. According to him, he won the car as a prize for a competition.

The indigenous singer made known that he went through a lot before he finally got to the point of winning that car. He narrated the kinds of menial jobs he had to do in order to survive while hoping for better days to come. The list of menial jobs he did include bricklaying, grass cutting, cold-room attendant and a host of other jobs like those ones.

His earnings from these jobs fell below N10k except for the cold-room job which afforded him a N10,000 monthly pay. However, at the age of 19, he managed to win a competition which landed him a new car. The singer did not specify the kind of competition he partook in to win the car. He also was thankful for where he is today. On IG, he said;
“I won my 1st car when I was 19. Before I won the car, I do bricklayer, cut grass for people land to lay the foundation, I work for cold-room for Ikorodu Isawo, earningN10k per month. I do too many things! But I thank God for my life today.”

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