How many times in your parenting life have you thought to yourself, after yelling at your kids, “Well, that was a good decision...”?

It doesn’t make you look authoritative. It makes you look out of control for your kids. It makes you look weak. And you’re yelling, let’s be honest, because you are weak. Yelling, even more than spanking, is the response of a person who doesn’t know what else to do.

If you yell when your kids act difficult or don’t comply with your instructions, what you need is not water and something for your throat to take away the sore from all that yelling; what you need is effective tips on how to stop yelling at your kids and still get them in good behavior.

1. Don’t yell about the normal everyday stuff
If yelling is your go-to means of calling your kids to breakfast or dinner, then you need to break the habit fast. Instead, try walking down to them and asking them in your regular speaking voice to come to eat. Remember, when you yell, those kids yell back and things go south from there. Besides, saving your yelling and shouting for only rare occasions will get to them more.

2. Catch your breath
Before bellowing at the top of your lungs at something really yell-worthy that your little one just did, take a minute to breathe through that red maze, calm down, meditate if you have to, and when you’re over it, address the matter neutrally.

3. Get close
When your kids don’t listen to you, it makes you want to bring the house down with your yells and attempts at hammering sense into their brain. But truth be told, that would only complicate things as yelling solves nothing, rather what you need do is try to relate with their situation and get them to do whatever by playing nice for a spell.


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